Oral Cancer Screenings in Camarillo

Oral Cancer Screenings in Camarillo, CA 93012

Regular visits to the dentist are very important when you want to maintain the health of your teeth and gums. However, dental exams at Woodcreek Dental include another crucial element to keep your overall health in order: Screenings for signs of oral cancer.

If you’ve ever wondered whether you should be looking for oral cancer screenings near you, you can rest assured that these essential checks can be performed within a single quick appointment at Woodcreek Dental.

Though this part of a dental exam can seem intimidating or worrisome to some patients, it’s extremely quick and painless and is simply another step in making sure that your oral health is in tip-top shape. The goal of an oral cancer screening is to identify any possible bumps or lesions that could potentially be early signs of carcinoma.

In order to do this, your dentist will perform a quick visual examination of our mouth, neck, throat, and head for lesions while also performing a physical check of these areas in order to make sure no warning signs have been missed.

Some dental practices don’t include an oral cancer screening during their exams, and patients with a low risk of developing oral cancer can opt-out at any time. However, due to the speed and efficiency of these screenings, we recommend that the screening be performed as a preventative measure.

Who May Beat Risk for Oral Cancer?

You may be wondering what your potential risk factors might be for oral cancer. In truth, if you maintain a high standard of oral health, you likely have nothing to worry about. However, there are certain behaviors that can automatically put you at higher risk of developing a pre-cancerous lesion.

Most people are aware that smoking and general tobacco use are known to cause the development of various types of cancers. Whether you smoke cigarettes, use a pipe, or chew tobacco, you could be putting yourself at risk of several types of cancers. In fact, studies show that tobacco users can have up to a 50% increase in their risk of developing cancer. Regular exposure to secondhand smoke can also put you at an elevated risk for developing various kinds of cancer.

Another common risk factor is frequent alcohol intake. For many people, alcohol and tobacco use go hand in hand, which puts them at an even higher risk for developing mouth and throat cancers.

Other patients that have elevated risk are those with fair skin, as they have an increased likelihood of developing lip cancer; carriers of HPV, also known as the human papillomavirus; people who fail to practice proper oral hygiene; and those that maintain a nutrient-deficient diet, especially if Vitamin A is lacking.

What Dentists Look for During Oral Cancer Screenings

Some of the most common outward signs of cancer in the mouth and throat are red or white patches, lumps, abnormal tenderness, and sores located on the soft tissues of the throat.

Your dentist will also check to make sure that both sides of your neck are symmetrical, as an abnormality in the outward appearance of the neck could point to internal growth. You should also expect your dentist to check for swelling below your jaw, where two of the body’s major lymph nodes are located.

Oral Cancer Screenings in Camarillo, CA 93012

Make sure to opt for an oral cancer screening during your next dental visit, as it could allow your dentist to catch a potentially harmful growth in its tracks. For oral cancer screenings near you, contact the team at Woodcreek Dental by calling (805) 482-6389.

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