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Whether you have a hard fall during practice or the force of an impact jar you during an intense game, mouth injuries are some of the most common problems faced by athletes. Athletes can chip their teeth, loose teeth, or damage their gums and other tissues in the mouth, which can, in turn, cause a great deal of pain and costly dental damages.

At Woodcreek Dental, we know that athletes are extremely passionate about the sports they play. Therefore, we want to encourage their safe enjoyment of sports and other recreational activities without leaving them to worry about potential oral injuries. For this reason, we help many of our patients to protect their mouths with mouth guards.

Mouthguards are worn over the teeth during gameplay or recreation –especially over the upper teeth — to avoid lip cuts, tooth breakage, and even painful tongue bites. The use of mouthguards during recreation is especially important if you have braces or any other significant dental work, including bridges or crowns.

Reasons to Use a Sports Guard

If your sport requires a helmet, you may think that you’re all set in terms of your head and mouth protection. However, athletes that play helmeted sports can still experience severe oral injuries if they don’t use mouthguards. The primary recreational activities that can lead to significant mouth damage include ones that use flying balls, involve direct bodily contact, and ones that can lead to players taking tumbles to the ground.

As we mentioned above, athletes with braces are at higher risk for painful and expensive oral damage when they fail to use a sports guard. A simple hit to the mouth can cause severe bleeding and damage, especially if you wear braces. If you use Invisalign trays, ask your dentist whether or not you can safely wear your Invisalign and your mouthguard simultaneously.

In addition to protecting the teeth and sensitive oral tissues, mouthguards protect the jaw, as well. One of the most common mouth injuries that occur in both amateur and professional athletes is a dislocated jaw. The regular use of sports guards can help to prevent the jaw from popping out of place during a direct hit. Mouthguards are designed for comfortable wear, so you’ll likely forget that you’re wearing one at all.

Types of Sports Guards Near You

If you are a professional athlete or play sports on a regular basis, you may want to invest in a custom-made sports guard. These are prepared from impressions of your teeth taken at the dentist’s office and will fit into your mouth seamlessly.

If you don’t play sports that often, you can find cheaper models over the counter at most sporting goods stores. These include stock mouthguards, which come preformed, and boil-and-bite mouthguards, which offer a slightly more precise fit than stock mouthguards.

Get Sports Guards in Camarillo, CA 93010

If you think you should be utilizing a sports guard during your recreational activities but aren’t sure what type you need, the best course of action is to consult your dentist. At Woodcreek Dental, we will provide you with all of the information and the resources that you need in order to play your favorite sport safely. Give us a call at (805) 482-6389 to make an appointment today.

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